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Eagle Flight Centre acquires Frasca RTDs 

Eagle Flight Centre has acquired two Frasca RTD AATDs (Advanced Aviation Training Devices). The RTDs (Reconfigurable Training Devices) will be used by the Eastern Michigan University Aviation (EMU Aviation) program to train their student pilots at Eagle...  Read more

Flitecom awards Avsoft pilot training contract

Flitecom, located in Oerlinghausen near Hannover, Germany, has awarded Avsoft International a contract for its pilot training programmes. Flitecom, an EU/EASA approved ATO, will use Avsoft’s proprietary Learning Management System – AvLMS – to...  Read more

Skyborne to host first open day 

Skyborne Airline Academy is preparing to host its first open day on 16 March, 2019 at Gloucestershire Airport. The pilot training academy will welcome potential cadets to tour its facilities including five large classrooms, the latest Diamond DA-42...  Read more

Aerostar accepting enrollments

Aerostar Training Services is now accepting enrollments for its Career Pilot Academy. This training is a full spectrum of flight training – from first flight to ATP and type rating – at its Kissimmee, Florida, campus. The company is now positioned to...  Read more

FSANA requests U.S. government shutdown relief

FSANA is working to help alleviate some of the effects of the government shutdown on flight training providers around the country. Specifically, the company says it is aware of the fact that expiration of FAA Part 141 and 142 training programs...  Read more