How is Flame Aviation Doing During the Lockdown? - Civil Aviation Training

How is Flame Aviation Doing During the Lockdown?

Managing Director of Flame Aviation Robin Pijnaker provides an update on what his company has been doing during lockdown.

Here in Holland the primary schools are opening step-by-step now. All other school are still closed and kids follow lessons by using Microsoft teams. Adults are being asked to work from home as much as possible. That makes the roads very quiet. Unfortunately we cannot build fire trainers from home. That’s why we stayed open all the time.

Some of us stayed home for some time because family members working in hospitals were infected. Luckily they are all fine again.

Working on our order backlog for fire trainers distracted us a little bit from the daily corona misery. Of course, we have no visitors anymore in the company and receipt of supplies take place from a safe distance. It surprises us that still all parts and components are available.

Since delivering and installing fire trainers is not possible for the time being, new equipment for CAE, LOT Polish Airlines, All Nippon Airways, T’Way Air, TAP Air Portugal and many others are waiting to be commissioned. We miss the flying. Hopefully it will be possible again in the near future.

To conclude with a positive note, the beautiful tulips fields are in full bloom and bring a smile on your face when passing them on the your way home from work! You can do a virtual tour on