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AOPA Asks FAA for Flexibility

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) sent a letter urging the FAA to exert a “maximum amount of flexibility” to help keep pilots and aircraft up and running during the coronavirus pandemic, following concerns by members facing obstacles...  Read more

ALSIM Unveils New AL40 FTD

ALSIM has announced the launch of their new AL40, an exact replica of a new Diamond DA40 NG. Developed specifically for flight training institutions, the high-fidelity simulator is built to Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 5 standards and contains the...  Read more

Babcock Train from Home with V360E

With more and more flights cancelled every day, even pilots can’t train as they used to. Being unable to reach the simulators often located in another country becomes a challenge in itself. Faced with this challenge, Anders Nicolai Martstrander, Chief...  Read more

Training Continuing at Cat3C

Despite the current global Covid-19 pandemic and continental lockdown, UK-based company Cat3c has quickly turned things around to move its courses online and is continuing to deliver ATPL theory training to its current students via video-conferencing....  Read more