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Consumer Space Travel Enablers

As CAT monitors advancements in civil aviation training it is following the sector into its new frontier – commercial space travel. It was with some interest that we learned during the 2012 I/ITSEC that Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial...  Read more

Cross-over Technologies

Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports from the 2012 I/ITSEC on products and systems which have the potential to support civil aviation sector training audiences. The 2012 I/ITSEC once again allowed the military training community to see and learn about the...  Read more

Look Up, Watch Out

runway incursions - look up
Better training for pilots and ground personnel and technology are key to lowering the rate of runway incursions and excursions. Robert W. Moorman reports. Dec. 31, 2012: Spirit Airlines Flight 403 had just landed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood...  Read more