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Regional Realities

Chuck Weirauch looks at pilot training issues surrounding the US regional airline industry and the Regional Airline Training sessions that will be taking place at WATS 2014. With Great Lakes Airlines ending service to a number of communities because of a...  Read more

Talking About Cyber

Enterprises are hit by cyber attacks, on average, once every 1.5 seconds, twice as often as a year ago, according to the FireEye advanced threat report. It’s not just banks, retailers, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government...  Read more

Technology Migration

  Airlines around the globe are equipping their cockpits with new technologies. At the same time, airline training organizations and training device OEMs are migrating these systems and devices into flight crew learning curricula, reports Group...  Read more

JetBlue’s Training Strategy

Warren Christie, JetBlue’s vice president of Operational Planning and Training, outlined his air carrier’s training strategy in a far ranging interview with Group Editor Marty Kauchak on February 21, 2014. Insights from their discussion are provided...  Read more

How Real Can You Make It?

Chris Long visits Scandinavian airline Novair and profiles the training expertise of this charter carrier. For many cabin crew, making their way out of a smoke-filled emergency evacuation trainer, with its noise (and in some cases movement) and escaping...  Read more

Qualification for entrol A320 Simulator

entrol’s A320 simulator has received FNPT II MCC qualification from the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. The A320 simulator was purchased by DL-Aviation to offer MCC and JOT courses and train normal and emergency procedures of the...  Read more