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New Apps for UK

Chris Long reports on a new apprenticeship scheme recently launched in the UK. One of the major challenges for many countries is the funding of the expensive training for aviation professionals, in particular for those wishing to start pilot training....  Read more

Growth in Asia Reflected at APATS 2013

Held in Bangkok, Thailand, the 2013 Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) explored aviation flight training and simulation from the Asia Pacific region. Chris Long reports. The recent boost to aircraft orders at the 15th Aviation Expo China...  Read more

Paperless Training Takes Off

Chuck Weirauch provides an update on the use of mobile and paperless training. With the world’s two largest airliner manufacturers taking major steps to foster the implementation of iPads as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) into the cockpits of their...  Read more

A Civil Business

The military use of unmanned aerial systems as tools for surveillance and weapons delivery is well known. Can these systems find a place in the civil world? Robert W. Moorman investigates. Washington D.C is to politics what Las Vegas is to gambling. And...  Read more

Fleet Renewal

As Delta and American Airlines receive new models of aircraft into their fleets, the two air carriers are using technology-enabled training strategies to prepare their pilots for the transition, Group Editor Marty Kauchak reports. Delta has an ambitious...  Read more

EASA 2013 – Dawn of a New Era

Peter Moxham, FRAeS, explains recent developments within EASA. Love it or hate it, EASA has entered a new era. 2013 has seen EASA FCL Regulations come into force in all member states together with Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, and EASA Flight...  Read more