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Aerospace Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference

The fallout from the GermanWings tragedy has resulted in a recognition that mental health is a key aspect of the safe and efficient operation of the global aviation industry. Initiatives such as Peer Support programmes and recent EASA regulations have...  Read more

Indra to equip GTA center with A320 simulator

GTA Center
Indra will equip the new pilot training center that GTA will open in Bogota, Columbia, with a state-of-the-art simulator of the A320 passenger plane prepared to offer 7,000 hours of training and teach 350 pilots each year. The demand for training in...  Read more

DISPAX World 2019

Sponsored Content The 3rd International Conference on Unruly Airline Passenger Behaviour, DISPAX World 2019, will take place from 11-12 June, 2019 at the Riverside Venue, Heathrow, U.K. Disruptive passenger incidents are a daily occurrence on board...  Read more

Alpha Aviation Group purchases Cessna 172 aircraft

Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) has purchased an additional four Cessna 172 (Nav II) aircraft as the demand for commercial pilot training continues to grow. The purchase of the four Cessna 172 aircraft from the U.S. takes AAG’s Cessna fleet to 24 planes,...  Read more