Entrol Sim Installed at HeliCentre Netherlands - Civil Aviation Training

Entrol Sim Installed at HeliCentre Netherlands

HeliCentre has acquired an H11 FNPT III MCC simulator from Entrol which has been installed at HeliCentre’s premises in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

The simulator is a replica of the Airbus EC135 P2+ and offers an extremely high level of simulation. The cockpit is equipped with dual GTN 750, it features a vibration system and the 6-projector spherical visual system offers an incredibly realistic training experience.

Jeroen Peddemors, HeliCentre’s CEO said: “This state-of-the-art simulator enables helicopter pilots to acquire high quality training at reasonable costs. It is fully EASA certified by the Dutch CAA as a FNPT III MCC training device, and it will be upgraded to an FTD Level 3 later this year.”