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European Pilot Selection and Training

European Pilot Selection and Training, a founding member of the International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP), is to offer its flight training organization customers a 20% discount of EPST Selection Services (pilot handling skills...  Read more

ESMA Aviation Academy

ESMA Aviation Academy is now a subsidiary of the Hainan Group (HNA) of China, through its subsidiary HNA Europe. HNA says the takeover will allow ESMA to pursue its marketing strategy focused on the domestic market and the North African market (Maghre)...  Read more

Multi Pilot Simulations B.V. (MPS)

Multi Pilot Simulations B.V. (MPS) has signed an agreement with China Electronics Technology Avionics Co. (CETCA), intending to establish a joint venture in China for the manufacturing of professional flight simulators and related training devices. In...  Read more