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APATS 2014 – Asia Engaged

Once again the Asian civil aviation training world has beaten a path to Bangkok for the Asia Pacific Aviation Training Symposium (APATS). This 2014 event was marked by yet another significant increase in the number of airlines attending – up from...  Read more

Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Chris Long takes a look at Strata Manufacturing PJSC, based in Al Ain, which employs mostly highly skilled women on the production line. The most visible benefit of commercial aviation is, of course, in the explosion of travelling opportunities for a...  Read more

Boeing’s Pilot Development Program

Aerosim Flight Academy in Florida, as well as Coast Aviation and Sierra Academy in California, will offer Boeing’s new ab initio Pilot Development Program to airlines through the flight schools’ partnerships with Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen....  Read more

Reducing the Impact / Fixing the Pilot Pipeline

Chuck Weirauch reports on the initial impact to the US ab initio training industry of the new F/O Airline Transport Pilot requirements. In the third quarter 2014 edition of the Regional Airline Association (RAA)’s Regional Horizons quarterly...  Read more

Advancing The Science

Aircraft accident investigative techniques continue to advance, but the new tools employed are not so new. Robert W. Moorman explains. The aircraft accident investigation process has not changed significantly in several years. Changes that have occurred...  Read more