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Graduates Commencing Apprenticeships

Five graduates from Aviation Australia’s aircraft maintenance engineer training program have commenced their apprenticeships with Alliance Airlines. The graduates are now based at the airlines maintenance hangar located at Brisbane International...  Read more

New FBT at Cockpit4u

  Cockpit4u has brought a brand-new B737NG fixed base trainer (FBT) into service. The new device has been designed to bridge the gap between procedure training on ground and flight training in full flight simulators. The FBT features complete...  Read more

Embracing Technology

  Fiona Greenyer explores the use of new technology for cabin crew training, and how it is currently being used in training departments. E-Learning, mobile learning and the use of social media is becoming more prevalent in today’s training...  Read more

Windscreen of Opportunity?

  The oft-warned ‘airpocalypse’ appears to be starting. Air service cutbacks in the US blamed on a shortage of pilots. A captain’s crunch in Asia. But will aspiring young aviators endure the cost and time to pursue a flying career? Rick Adams...  Read more

Regional Realities

Chuck Weirauch looks at pilot training issues surrounding the US regional airline industry and the Regional Airline Training sessions that will be taking place at WATS 2014. With Great Lakes Airlines ending service to a number of communities because of a...  Read more

Talking About Cyber

Enterprises are hit by cyber attacks, on average, once every 1.5 seconds, twice as often as a year ago, according to the FireEye advanced threat report. It’s not just banks, retailers, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government...  Read more