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Airbus – Training Together

Airbus Training Symposium
Chris Long reports on issues discussed at the recent Airbus Training Symposium held in Dubai. The task is already big – and getting bigger by the day. With over 60,000 pilots currently operating Airbus aircraft, and with that figure forecast to...  Read more

Solid Future in Florida

flight schools, Florida
Chuck Weirauch looks at several Florida flight schools to get a glimpse at where they are headed in terms of enrollments, throughput, new training programs and directions as they aim to meet the needs of the aviation industry. With a significant number...  Read more

Look Up, Watch Out

runway incursions - look up
Better training for pilots and ground personnel and technology are key to lowering the rate of runway incursions and excursions. Robert W. Moorman reports. Dec. 31, 2012: Spirit Airlines Flight 403 had just landed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood...  Read more

Getting Down to Business

Business Pilot Training Project
Chuck Weirauch investigates the work of the NBAA Safety Committee’s new Business Pilot Training Project. While business aircraft accidents worldwide were down in 2012, those involving US business jets were up last year over the total in 2011, according...  Read more