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Onwards and Upwards for Helicopter Training

Chuck Weirauch explores the helicopter simulation training industry and provides an update on recent progress. With commercial helicopter sales now anticipated to increase significantly in just about every major world market, and in China at an annual...  Read more

It’s All About the Growth

  Willem-Jan Derks profiles aviation training in Latin America. Latin America, with its 590 million inhabitants, has been an increasingly important market for over a decade now and seems to be continuing that trend. It was one of the few regions of...  Read more

Getting Out Safely

Improved training methods, sophisticated hardware and a mindset change of management is helping to evolve cabin evacuation training. Robert W. Moorman investigates. Two aircraft accidents in recent years highlight the life and death importance of cabin...  Read more

Maintenance Training Developments

  Higher order learning technologies and content, including human factors topics are among the advancements in community maintenance training programs, reports Group Editor Marty Kauchak. New personnel in community maintenance programs are learning...  Read more

FFS Procurement 101: Buyer’s Market

FFS Procurement
Airlines and training centres seeking to acquire their own full-flight simulator have at least 10 Level D manufacturers to choose from. Rick Adams looks at the players and the process. “It’s a more-for-less market,” admits Dean Fisher, CAE’s...  Read more

New Visuals Technologies Slow to Enter Civil Sim Market

With new projection technologies entering the entertainment, scientific and home theater markets, Chuck Weirauch spoke with leaders in the civil aviation simulation industry to gain their perspective on how, when, and if such technologies might become...  Read more