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Solving the Shortage

Chuck Weirauch examines the issues that are complicating the aviation technician shortage problem, and what solutions are being found to resolve them. If one were to believe the 2014 US Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s Current and Future...  Read more

Smooth Entry – Qatar Airways Gets It Right

Chris Long takes an in-depth look at the training expertise of Qatar Airways. Whenever a significant new aircraft enters service, the eyes of the industry, if not of the world, are closely watching the progress of the initial few months. Many operators...  Read more

Getting Upset Right

Ahead of looming regulations requiring upset recovery training capability, simulator manufacturers are vying to address airline and bizjet operator demand. Rick Adams looks at UPRT and other pilot training technology developments. If I am ever a...  Read more

Training Narratives and Paradoxes

While the simulation and training sector continues its enormous contribution to the industry’s remarkable safety record, considerable M&A is evident as new technologies continue to emerge – even as the global personnel supply issues show few...  Read more

Engineering Simulator Upgrade

Merlin Fight Simulation Group has purchased a Diamond Visionics GenesisIG for Swansea University’s School of Engineering as an upgrade for its MP521 engineering flight simulator. Merlin Flight Simulation teamed with Antycip Simulation, a reseller...  Read more

Multi-Pilot Foundation Jet Course

Airways Aviation will be delivering its Multi-Pilot Foundation Jet Course (MPFJC) in collaboration with EPST in the Netherlands as part of the recently launched ‘Elite Pathways Programme™’. The MPFJC has been put together to meet stringent...  Read more