2018 Editorial Schedule

CAT 1/2018

• Airline Training Profile
• The Value of “Big Data” in Training – Update and Lessons learned
• Global Regulation of FSTDs and Training Standards
• Evolving CRM and HF Training
• Retirement Brain Drain: Capturing the Exiting Expertise

Advertising Deadline: 29th January 2018
Publication Date: 16th February 2018

CAT 2/2018 (WATS 2018 Show Issue)

• Airline Training Profile
• Aviation Training Centres of Excellence: Florida
• New Aircraft Technologies: From Supersonic to Pilotless Aircraft
• Focus on US Regional Airline Training
• Safety Management Systems: Lessons from Airline Implementation

Advertising Deadline: 16th March 2018
Publication Date: 6th April 2018

CAT 3/2018

• Airline Training Profile
• Learning Management Systems
• Air Traffic Management Training
• Global Mobility of Aviation Personnal
• Firefighting and Emergency Services Training

Advertising Deadline: 18th May 2018
Publication Date: 8th June 2018

CAT 4/2018 – Annual Training Sourcebook (APATS 2018 Show Issue)

• Aviation Personnel: Perspectives from the S&T Industry
• Technology Update: Immersive Flight Training Environments
• Asia Pacific Air Carrier Training Landscape
• Maintenance Training Technology Developments
• Competency-based Training Update
• Cabin Training Technology Roundup
• Global Full Flight Simulator Census

Advertising Deadline: 20th July 2018
Publication Date: 10th August 2018

CAT 5/2018 (EATS 2018 Show Issue)

• Airline Training Profile
• European Regulatory Update
• Training Perspectives from Global Aviation Training Organisations (ATOs)
• Aviation Medical Issues and Update
• Cyber Threats to Aviation Operations and Training

Advertising Deadline: 2nd October 2018
Publication Date: 23rd October 2018

CAT 6/2018

• Airline Training Profile
• Language and Cultural Issues in Flight Crew Training
• Airspace Intrusions and Threats to Aviation Operations
• Performance-based Training Status
• Advances in Aviation Mobile eLearning and Gaming

Advertising Deadline: 19th November 2018
Publication Date: 7th December 2018


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