Issue 2/2020 

Advertising Deadline – 2nd April 2020
Publication Date – 24th April 2020

Decade of Transformation? The CAT Forecast – Rick Adams looks at possible scenarios for the aviation training industry, including impacts from emerging technologies and challenges such as pandemics and MAX recertification.

Training for Pandemics, Crashes and Other Crises – How can airlines and other aircraft operators deal with the coronavirus, accidents and other issues which undermine passenger confidence. Marty Kauchak explores.

AR/MR/VR Gear and Applications – Chuck Weirauch checks out new immersive flight training applications using augmented, mixed and virtual reality. Plus the latest advancements in commercial hardware coming to market. 

Airline Training Profile – Volotea – Chris Long visits the Spanish carrier’s training facilities in Barcelona. 

Confronting the Blaze – Aviation Firefighting Training – For fixed-wing pilots, rotorcraft pilots, and smokejumpers, Robert W. Moorman reports on this unique mission.

Maintenance Training Recruitment and Retention – Based on robust growth projections, there will continue to be aviation maintenance technician shortages. Mario Pierobon examines the issue. 

The CAT Leader Interview – A 1-on-1 with a senior industry leader.

More … Innovative HEMS training at Norway Air Ambulance, Airbus ab initio training, Qantas Group Pilot Training Academy …

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