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Magazine Published: 10th, August 2017

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Forecasting Fervor: Editor in Chief Chris Lehman comments on the near-constant forecasts of a worldwide pilot shortage.

A Customer Focus: Marty Kauchak highlights the latest trends and developments over the last three years in S&T.

Korea’s Expanding Civil Aviation Industry: Chris Long visits the Republic of Korea to discover their future in civil aviation.

JEJU Air: Chris Long visits JEJU Air, the first South Korean LCC.

Finally the Time for Competency-Based Training?: Rick Adams examines some significant global regulatory issues.

Training Instructors Conducting EBT – Part 2: Mario Pierobon continues his report on conducting EBT training for instructors.

On-Boarding for Maintenance: Mark Ballard looks at how airlines and MRO’s are dealing with the growing need for qualified maintenance workers.

Safety-First Service: Bernie Baldwin explains how technology is having a positive impact on cabin crew training.

World Civil Full Flight Simulator Census: Ian Strachan reviews the 2017 census, followed by the updated global tally of operational full flight simulators .

Seen & Heard: Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by Stephanie Taylor.