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Magazine Published: 23rd April, 2019

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Making the Glue. In his final editorial for CAT Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Chris Lehman reiterates the importance of the S&T instructor.

Bridging the Atlantic. Flag carrier Icelandair is seen as a pioneer in the establishment of the international hub concept. Chris Long visited Iceland and profiles the carrier’s training expertise.

Improving Pilot Proficiency. Is UPRT working? Capt. Art Ziccardi, veteran international instructor, says “Yes, a good industry start, but the program is not without some turbulence. Loss of reliable airspeed simulator training remains problematic.”

Selection and Assessment: Are we moving with the times? So, here we are nearly ten years on from the first publication of the IATA Guidance Material and Best Practices for Pilot Aptitude Testing, putting selection in the spotlight, generating discussion and in some quarters, irritation. Nikki Heath looks at how best to select a future workforce.

2019 RATS Continues Professionalism Theme. Continuing the theme of this year’s World Airline Training Summit (WATS), the Regional Airline Training (RATS) track of the show will also focus on Professionalism in the Aviation Workforce. Chuck Weirauch finds out more.

Professionalism in the Cabin. While in the past the cabin crew profession was a job for life, in the last decade or so, because of the transformation of airline business models, the professional has experienced a growing turnover rate. Mario Pierobon finds out more.

More Than Patchwork. Robert W. Moorman examines how the increased use of composites on commercial airliners has sparked a corresponding need for highly trained aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs).

You CAN Make It to The Top! Whilst it is recognised that a career for women pilots has not always been easy – it is possible for women to get to the top. Icelandair Chief Pilot Captain Linda Gunnarsdóttir, tells her story.

Airbus Ab Initio Pilot Training — Right on Track. Chris Long provides an update on Airbus’ new ab initio pilot training programme.

Seen & Heard. Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by the CAT editorial team.