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Magazine Published: 15th December, 2017

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Intelligence, Artificial and Otherwise. Editor-in-Chief Chris Lehman explores the rise of Artificial Intelligence within the aviation industry.

Etihad – A Phenom-enal Start. Chris Long profiles the training expertise of Etihad Airways.

Yes, Maybe, the MTX Tech Shortage is Looming. Rick Adams examines the challenges facing the aviation maintenance community, including the likely impending shortage of qualified technicians.

Delivering the Select Few Many. The importance of managing the selection of those with the skill and aptitude to be successful both in training and throughout their career as a pilot is examined by Bernie Baldwin.

The Pilot in Command. Captain Lorelle Webb tells her story in CAT’s ‘Women in Aviation’ series.

EBT and CBT: Fact or Fiction? Norman MacLeod takes an alternate and critical look at EBT and CBT initiatives and suggests they are not necessarily a panacea.

A Stigma to be Tackled. Mario Pierobon provides an update on new mental health assessment requirements.

Highlighting Change, Facilitating Results. Chris Lehman reports on EATS 2017.

Maintaining Pilot Recruitment and Training Standards. Chris Long provides a report from the recent RAeS conference.

European Instructors Playing a Key Role for the Future. The instructor profession is facing a number of challenges caused by the increasing demand for pilots. EASA’s Daan Dousi provides an update.

Seen & Heard. Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by Stephanie Taylor.