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Magazine Published: 10th August, 2018

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Being Careful What You Wish For. Editor-in-Chief Chris Lehman warns that innovations stemming from the pilot shortage feature the distinct lack of a training component.

Finnair – Reaching into Asia. Chris Long visited Finnair to find out more about the 95-year-old airline’s training capabilities.

Visuals: Flying by Level D. Rick Adams looks at the growing technological trends in aviation projectors and image generators.

Imperatives for Non-Motion Devices. Is technology in non-motion devices sufficiently advanced to permit compelling price/performance ratios? Marty Kauchak asked four experts.

XR Technologies to Advance Maintenance Training. XR technology has a firm foothold in entertainment, education and manufacturing, but the airline industry is starting to adopt it as well.

Cabin Crew Training Technologies. Bernie Baldwin catches up on the latest technologies surrounding cabin crew training.

The Rise of EBT. It was with the development of multi-crew pilot licensing that the change from hour-based training in ATPL to competency-based training in MPL came into effect. Mario Pierobon finds out more.

First Office Kamonkarn Visessiri. Chris Long continues his Women in Aviation series with a feature on the role of women aviators in Asia.

Taking Off with Airbus The pilot shortage has extended to mass media coverage. Chris Long visited Airbus to hear about their latest initiative.

Training Technology & Practices – A Virtual Reality Check. A conference report from the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Flight Simulation Group’s spring conference in London.

The Hidden Profit Driver. How can maintenance be used as a strategy for profitability? Dr. William Cox investigates.

Seen & Heard. Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by the CAT editorial team.

World Civil Full Flight Simulator Census. The updated global tally of operational civil full flight simulators.