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Magazine Published: 23rd October, 2018

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Minting Professionals. Editor-in-Chief Chris Lehman discusses what it means to be a professional in the aviation industry.

A Measured Response to New Training. Chris Long visits Singapore Airlines to see the training center that cements their reputation for excellence.

Aviation Industry Connectivity Magnifies Cyber Threat. The aviation industry has begun to unify to mitigate cyber threats.

Closing One More Technology Gap. Marty Kauchak reports on efforts to advance the fidelity of air traffic control training devices and systems.

A Pro From the Start. Research work has been conducted by Boeing to help assess professional competencies in ab initio training.

Determination and Resilience. Our latest Women in Aviation article is about a female pilot who accomplished her dream thanks to Brazil’s opportunities for pilots.

PBN Training. New performance based navigation crew-training requirements effect both EASA aircrew and air operations regulations. Mario Pierobon reports.

Tracking the Trends. Chris Long recaps this year’s APATS conference from Singapore.

Ryanair – A Major Training Initiative. Ryanair announced a major training initiative as part of a plan to provide a regular source of incoming pilots.

A Major Advance. Chris Long examines the new processes for using FFS for UPRT training at Airbus.

Portfolio Expansion. Marty Kauchak interviews Kishor Mistry, Group CEO at Peak Pacific and Robert Torio, the company’s Manager Client Engagement & Business Development.

Seen & Heard. Updates from the training and simulation community. Compiled and edited by the CAT editorial team.