CAT Magazine delivers your message to aviation training professionals around the world to give the best value from your advertising budget.

Distribution by Organisation

• Airlines (Pilot, Cabin Crew and Maintenance) 8,015
• Regulators/Associations/Professional Groups  1,584
• Aircraft Manufacturers  425
• Training Device Manufacturers  905
• Third Party Trainers/Ab Initio Schools/Non-Airlines  5,067
• Maintenance Training Industry  586
• Cabin Crew Training Industry  84
• ATC/Airport/Security & Other  525
• Rotor Wing Training  405
• Language, HR and Medical  245
• Other organisations  420

Total  18,261

Distribution by Region

• North America  39%
• Europe and the Middle East  23%
• Asia Pacific  24%
• Africa  3%
• Central & South America  11%

Bonus Circulation

CAT Magazine has additional copies distributed at major airshows and airline training events. This increases CAT’s circulation by up to 2,000 copies per issue.

Digital Readership

CAT is distributed in print format. An electronic version is made available at as well as an Apple app and a Google Play app. These versions make each issue available instantly from anywhere around the world. If you include a website address (or addresses) in your ad, the electronic version will have a free hyperlink to each of those web addresses. The electronic version also contains other features including embedded video and links to related content on the web. Editorial features in each issue are shared and promoted by social media to draw more readers to the online version of the magazine and your ad.

Advertising Contacts

North America:
Michelle Viens
T: +1 407 322 5605

Rest of World:
Natalie Morris
T: (+44) 1252 532000

Distribution & Circulation Stephen Hatcher 
[t] +44 (0)1252 532010