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Helicopter Maintenance Training

MAINTENANCE The Bell Helicopter Training Academy (BTA) has received Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval to conduct Bell 412EP/Bell 412EPI B1.3 and B2 Part 147 technical training at the Bell Helicopter Singapore Service Center. This...  Read more

Helicopter Sim Purchase

HELICOPTER Heli Protection Europe has purchased an entrol H21 FNPT II MCC helicopter simulator based on the Bell 412. The simulator will be installed in Italy and will be used for a fully new and advanced pilot training process, including studies related...  Read more

AW189 FFS Level D Certified

HELICOPTER A joint team from ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) has certified the world’s first AW189 full flight simulator (FFS) to Level D.  The new CAE 3000 Series AW189 FFS is...  Read more

Expansion Continues

HELICOPTER Rotorsim, owned equally by CAE and AgustaWestland, is continuing to expand with the purchase of two CAE 3000 Series Level D helicopter simulators. Rotorsim will add the world’s first-ever AW169 full flight simulator to their Training...  Read more

Onwards and Upwards for Helicopter Training

Chuck Weirauch explores the helicopter simulation training industry and provides an update on recent progress. With commercial helicopter sales now anticipated to increase significantly in just about every major world market, and in China at an annual...  Read more