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Dynamic, More Realistic Cabin Crew Training

A Dubai-based start-up eyes a niche in the training market and launches a new concept of holistic training. Chris Long reports. Bilal Tahboub was heavily involved in cabin crew training, back in 2012, with a major international airline, and was...  Read more

Making the Glue

Editorial Comment Welcome to the WATS issue of CAT Magazine. This issue has been assembled with a view to support and mirror the conference content of WATS 2019, and in particular the continuing themes of professionalism and the role of the instructional...  Read more

Confronting the Blaze

Robert W. Moorman explores how experienced pilots of fixed-wing and rotorcraft prepare to become aerial firefighters. Massive conflagrations in California and Australia last year convinced many people that wildfires are a growing problem and that more...  Read more

Learning, Earning and Returning

Editorial Comment For the last several Editorial Comments, the issue of “Aviation Professionalism” has been repeatedly explored, and indeed, given the current high interest in the subject, the conference theme of the upcoming 22nd annual WATS event...  Read more

A New Era in Pilot Training & Assessment

At a recent conference in London, the Royal Aeronautical Society addressed the issue of new pilot training and assessment during a two day event. Chris Long reports. At the core of this new era is the increasingly widespread adoption of Competency Based...  Read more