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The Falcon Flies

The flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the island nation state in the Arabian Gulf, will celebrate its 70th birthday in 2020. Chris Long profiles Gulf Air’s training expertise. The original founders of Gulf Air were four neighboring nation...  Read more

Technique Over Technology

While increasingly capable technologies support fleet maintenance learning programs, training organizations continue to place a priority on classroom techniques, reports Group Editor Marty Kauchak. Maintainers around the globe are aided by a diversified,...  Read more

Career-Changers Discovering Flight Schools

Rising financial incentives are re-awakening the dream of becoming an airline pilot. Chuck Weirauch spoke with flight school and association executives. “We are seeing people in the banking and computer industry, programmers, for example, who are...  Read more

A Measured Response to New Training

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is proud of its hard-won reputation for excellence. Chris Long visited the airlines’ Training Centre which serves as the focal point for flight and cabin crew training. Captain Quay Chew Eng, SVP of Flight Operations, is very...  Read more

The Hidden Profit Driver

How can maintenance training be used as a strategy for profitability? Dr. William Cox examines how airlines can make this work. In 2017 airlines generated total revenues of $754 billion and a net margin of a mere 4.6%. 2018 revenues are expected to reach...  Read more

The Rise of EBT

It was with the development of multi-crew pilot licensing (MPL) that the change from hour-based training in ATPL to competence-based training in MPL came into effect. Mario Pierobon finds out more. Under MPL, learning objectives are defined in...  Read more