About CAT Magazine

CAT Magazine was created just over 25 years ago to provide information to the global airline training and safety community on advances in training technology, best practices, regulation and training, education theory.

Its twin focus of improving human and team performance is basic to airline safety and therefore business performance.

Why Airline Training?

Today the airline sector faces a similar growth rate of a doubling of the world fleet in the coming 20 years and much has changed in our industry.

On the plus side the technologies on which the airline sector relies have become more and more robust and new technologies have emerged and will continue to do so to allow us to improve aircraft and system reliability.

On the other side of the equation we no longer have a huge pool of well qualified, mainly military trained, pilots and maintainers. In fact, all but the most stubborn agree that we now have a massive pilot and maintainer shortage.

In the previous 20 years most of the growth was scheduled in well-established markets with a long tradition and a well-developed infrastructure in aviation. Over the next 20 years most of the growth will take place in ‘newer markets’, especially in Asia. The traditional GA to airline model no longer works in the way it did with very few GA pilots aspiring to an airline seat and far fewer GA pilots overall being available to recruit from.

So the challenge today is different; how do we attract the right people, pilots, cabin crew, maintainers, controllers etc. to our industry and how do we equip them to be as good or better than the vast majority of senior, experienced personnel who are now retiring in record numbers!

The training community, of industry, training providers, airline executives, regulators and professional associations will be possibly the most critical group within the global airline sector in securing the safety and therefore the health and growth of the industry through the next two decades.

Not only will this be critical to the industry, and of course to passengers, it is also critical to future global economic health.

Distribution facts

Each copy reaches 45,800 airline training professionals, airline and government leadership.

Every airline globally receives copies as does the global regulatory community in all of the worlds 195 countries and the industry partners that support them.

CAT is distributed in print and digital copies.

CAT is the only publication to focus entirely on the needs of the airline training community across the world and has developed unique expertise and depth of understanding of the subject matter. Its 25-year history of high quality, impartial coverage has secured a high level of trust for the publication.